Drainage, Pipe Cleaning & Repairs


DAMM Environmental Drainage, Pipe Cleaning, and Repairs

We provide 24/7 emergency response to drainage problems in addition to regular maintenance, planning, surveying and construction for drainage solutions across private and public sectors in Scotland.

Drainage, Pipe Cleaning & Repairs Services

Emergency Drainage Response

We offer a 24/7 emergency response service. Our skilled operatives will take your call day or night, and immediately assess the problem in order to deploy the right people and equipment as quickly as possible.

Drainage Repairs

DAMM Environmental is a comprehensive drainage solutions company. We provide a complete CCTV inspection service, high powered water jet cleaning, and the latest technology for minimally invasive drainage repairs, making us the leading independent firm in Scotland for all of your drainage problems.

Using the latest technology, our highly qualified teams begin by accurately surveying a site in order to carry out the most minimal excavation possible. Our advanced resin patching technology (CIPP) even allows us to provide ‘no-dig’ repairs where appropriate. If the whole drain is displaced or cracked and excavation is a concern, then we can reline the whole drain run. This enables the pipe to return to full flow capacity with minimum disruption to the site and surrounding environment. 

Pipe Cleaning

High Pressure Water Jetting is an economical, environmentally responsible, and highly effective solution to many drainage related problems.  DAMM Environmental’s fleet of High Pressure Water Jetting Units offers the widest range of pressures and flows possible to tackle any job, removing the need for using hazardous chemicals.  Our Jetting Units’ powerful onboard vacuum systems collect and remove all debris and expelled water safely leaving the site clean, clear and ready to return to normal usage.

Cleaning & Maintenance

We work with Local Authorities across Scotland to take care of schools and public buildings all year round.  We provide cleaning and maintenance services on a regular basis for housing associations, factors and commercial property owners across Scotland, but we also offer one-off and reactive cleaning solutions for spillages, graffiti and gum removal, and more.

Our operatives are trained to the highest standards, completing quality work while adhering to strict health and safety protocols, whether it is drain or sewer cleaning, descaling industrial pipework, or even cutting concrete – we have the right tools and skills for the job.


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