DAMM Environmental Cleaning & Maintenance


Cleaning & Maintenance Solutions

DAMM Environmental works with Local Authorities across Scotland to take care of schools and public buildings all year round. We carry out regular cleaning of roofs, gutters, downpipes, and external drainage as well as regular and preventative maintenance of gullies, channel drains and manholes. By carrying out maintenance and cleaning regularly during the summer months we can prevent blockages, floods and problems when schools are in session.

Cleaning & Maintenance Services

We provide cleaning and maintenance services on a regular basis for housing associations, factors and commercial property owners across Scotland, but we also offer one-off and reactive cleaning solutions for spillages, graffiti, gum removal and more.

Graffiti Removal

DAMM Environmental can provide specialist graffiti removal solutions and anti-graffiti wall coatings to help you bring your building, public space or town centre back to looking as good as new again. Graffiti removal practices have evolved significantly over the last ten years, and our DAMM cleaning methods have evolved too. No matter what your floors and walls are made from, we can provide high pressure water and steam solutions that will protect your property whilst removing almost any stain, without the need for hazardous chemicals.

Gum Removal

Recent Government action to reduce the amount of discarded chewing gum on UK streets is a welcome step forward, but it will sadly not help private and commercial properties. These unsightly lumps may be small, but they can cause an exceptionally negative impact on the aesthetics of your building, entrance, car park, walls, roads and pavements. DAMM Environmental can efficiently eliminate gum from almost any surface using high pressure water jetting units, and then remove the resulting water and debris with our vacuum tankers. Our methods protect the environment, removing contaminants without using any harsh chemicals. Get in touch to find out more about our cleaning and maintenance services.