CCTV Pipeline Inspection & surveys


DAMM Environmental CCTV Pipeline Inspection & Surveys

Our CCTV Pipeline Inspection and Survey service is an efficient, safe, and cost-effective way to survey drains and sewers without sending people into confined and potentially dangerous spaces, and without having to carry out a potentially costly excavation.  DAMM Environmental’s CCTV team has been pioneers of the service for the last decade, combining the latest technology with our extensive experience in drainage and pipeline inspections.

CCTV Pipeline Inspection & Survey Services

We are able to survey pipes, ducts, tanks, drains and sewers from as little as 50mm in diameter up to 2000mm wide using high-specification, remote-controlled cameras and the latest software. The technology we have invested in enables us to inspect 360° of every millimetre of the pipeline.  The cameras relay live footage to our mobile team of qualified operators and experienced engineers during the survey, allowing them to immediately assess the structural condition and integrity of the line.


We also provide a full report and complete recording to demonstrate any defects and potential future issues, and we will offer suggested solutions for any problems.  The accuracy of the inspection enables the DAMM Environmental team to quickly deliver precise quotations to allow decisions and repairs to be made without delay.  CCTV inspections mean that we do not need to excavate unnecessarily to search for the source of issues, and instead, we can pinpoint any problems and target them directly, leaving the rest of your property undisturbed.

Mapping and Assessments

If you have a recurring problem in your drains, a CCTV survey can help to map and assess the issue and prevent future blockages or leaks.  Our equipment can map drainage systems and even assess the extent of blockages without the need for excavation. This makes our CCTV pipeline inspection service the perfect solution for drains, pipelines, ducts and other inaccessible spaces.

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