Retaining Wall Retention


Retaining Wall Retention

At Yorkhill Fire Station it was found that part of the existing retaining wall was not structurally adequate. Our DAMM civils department was tasked with strengthening the wall by enlarging the base and thickening the stem of the wall with concrete.

Yorkhill Fire Station is situated on steeply sloping topography and the north boundary of the fire station is marked by a retaining wall that achieves a stepped ground level across the boundary. The retaining wall separates a vehicular yard area to the south and recreational park area to the north.

Firstly we carried out a reduced level excavation to determine the make-up of the existing retaining wall, and what depth it was founded at. Initially, at a reduced level of 1 metre, we encountered an old concrete footpath (which was found to be the original level that the wall was constructed to retain.) Upon our discovery of this, it was of little surprise to us that the wall was beginning to fail. We then continued to excavate to expose the level and dimensions of the existing foundation.


We then drilled in dowel bars at 250mm centres to face off existing foundation, to allow existing foundation to be extended to 800mm, (this incorporated A393 mesh.) We then drilled into existing brickwork at 250 centres and installed 12mm starter bars to accommodate the L bars coming out of the newly poured foundation. We then erected A393 mesh to the face of the wall and erected formwork at 800mm offsets to accommodate a concrete pour of C35 concrete, 1.2m in height through the length of the wall. We then stripped formwork, backfilled up the underside of the poured concrete and carried out the same exercise of placing, reinforcement, and concrete pouring to the required level. Upon competition of the concrete works we then built blockwork on top of the found to tie in the existing wall to a level to suit the landowner.


These works were undertaken by our DAMM team after a structural report had been carried out by the engineering company Will Rudd Davidson. All engineering , construction and reporting work for Yorkhill Fire station was carried out by our DAMM team.