Maryhill Housing Association


Maryhill Housing Association

Maryhill Housing is a charitable, community-based housing association operating in Maryhill and Ruchill in north west Glasgow. Here at DAMM Environmental we’ve been working with Maryhill Housing for a number of years now, providing their tenants with a wide range of environmental services whenever they need assistance.

Maryhill Housing’s main role is to improve, build, manage and maintain homes. (In 2017 they celebrated their 40th anniversary, and they undertake a significant amount of regeneration activity to ensure Maryhill and Ruchill are great places to live.)

Maryhill Housing own over 3,100 homes including tenements, retirement housing and multi-storey apartments. Most properties are for rent, but they also develop some homes for shared equity. In addition to these services, they provide a factoring service for around 700 properties.

Here at DAMM Environmental we’ve worked both internally and externally in a wide range of MH’s housing – from clearing blocked drains,  which can involve pipeline camera surveys and excavation works, to utilising out Jet-Vac units to help unblock bin chutes and remove stagnant flood water. Our fleet of HPWJ units have pressures ranging from 1,500 psi up to an incredible 30,000 psi, providing the widest range of pressure and flows possible to tackle any job. Our Jet-Vac units also have powerful on-board vacuum systems which ensure that all debris and expelled water is safely collected and removed. This combination of High Pressure Water Jetting and powerful vacuum tankers makes for the perfect solution for sewer and pipeline cleaning and pipe descaling. High Pressure Water Jetting can also be used for a wide variety of cleaning applications including, graffiti and paint removal, carpark, footpath and entrance cleaning and general industrial cleaning.

DAMM developed the standardised safety qualifications for High Pressure Water Jetting work, and we guarantee that our operatives are trained to the highest standards, completing quality work whilst adhering to strict health and safety protocols. We have the right equipment, experience, and accreditation for any High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ) work. Get in touch today to find out more about our High Pressure Water Jetting & Vacuum fleet, and services.

We used a core drill to gain access to the plastic downpipe at the rear of this MH property. We then activated the HPWJ unit to jet upstream towards the roof and removed some debris from the line. When jetting towards the roof, we found that the bend at the gutter was leaking, and advised a plumber might be required to renew the bend at the gutter if the problem reoccurs. We then used denzol tape to seal the pipe after the job was completed.