Spillage Cleans


Spillage Cleans

If your property/land incurs an oil or chemical leak/spill, here at DAMM Environmental we have both the knowledge and equipment to safely and rapidly clear and clean contaminated areas. In the cases pictured below, we attended a hydraulic oil spill at the Lidl store in Anniesland, and a paint spill at an industrial estate in Dumbarton.


In Anniesland a mobile elevating work platform (a cherry picker vehicle) had been working on-site at Lidl, and had unfortunately leaked hydraulic oil onto the supermarket’s car park. Obviously, the oil spill had to be cleared quickly to allow customers to safely park and walk to and from the store. Upon arrival we applied a chemical to the contaminated area to break down the oil in such a way that allowed us to then safely remove it, and wash the area down thoroughly.

In Dumbarton we carried out a similar process, in that we applied a chemical to ‘lift’ the oil from the tarmac. We then washed the area down, into our DAMM suction hose, then we gave the contaminated area a final wash down to ensure all traces of the paint had been removed.

It’s imperative that chemical spills, oil leaks and contaminated matter is controlled and cleaned in a environmentally conscious manner. For example, if a vehicle passes through a contaminated area and toxic chemical matter is transferred onto the vehicle’s wheels there’s obviously no telling how far and wide potentially dangerous chemicals could be spread. At DAMM Environmental we’re UK & Ireland Spill Association approved contractors, and we’re here to help you 24/7. If you need an unexpected overflow, discharge or spill dealt with promptly, simply call us on 0141 810 2460