Case Study 1

Local Authority Ongoing Maintenance

Local Authority Ongoing Maintenance

One of Scotland’s largest Local Authorities contacted DAMM Environmental to clean approximately 30,000 gullies.  The original tender specification requested that we clean every gully twice a year, every year.  When our team assessed the gullies, we determined that not all gullies required cleaning twice a year, and that others within the cycle required more than 2 cleans per annum.

Rather than constraining our clients by the initial terms of the tender, DAMM Environmental worked with the council and developed a plan for a proactive approach to the gully cycle cleaning.


This enabled the council to target their spend more appropriately, which in turn resulted in reactive calls and floods decreasing by almost 70%!


This unique approach made it possible to resource the remedial repairs and replacement of damaged gullies, creating a much more effective budget spend for the council, and preventing many more problems down the line.

This partnership has continued for almost nine years, and will continue for many more to come.