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Hi my name is John Patton and live in school Wynd in Quarriers Village.

Two of your men (Willie and Jimmy) attended one of my neighbours house Mrs April Guinea on Saturday afternoon as her house was beginning to flood due to the rainfall.

All of the neighbours were chipping in to help with sand bags etc..as much as we could. However, the two guys from Damm Willie and Jimmy were absolutely amazing. They worked tirelessly to keep the water away from her property.

I showed them an area where the could discharge the water which cut down their times between pumping.

The guys were absolute gentlemen very polite and helpful and reassured Mrs Guinea ( who is a widow) that they would stay until they got it pumped away or as much as they could. I did the chip shop run for the guys and provided tea for them to keep the working.

These guys are a credit to your company and if you have employee of the month awards then they have my nomination. Please pass this onto the guys ..they were tremendous.

I think if anything like this ever happened again I know where my first call would be to. Well done Damm. And great work Willie and Jimmy

Sorry didn’t catch their surnames but I’m sure you will know who they are

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