Blocked Drains Issues and What to do About Them

Your drains may get clogged or blocked, and you get to see minor problems quickly become big issues. The consequences of a blocked drain include slowed down water drainage, flooding, sewage backup, as well as corrosion and when the issue gets out of hand you will have to spend a lot in repairs. In order to prevent them, you need to understand how drains can get blocked. Check out these common blocked drain issues –


This happens to be a big problem as hair can come together with sticky substances to clog your drain. The best prevention method would be to stop hair from getting into your drain. Making use of guards dedicated to catching hair is one step.


You are probably surprised to see soap on this list, but it is widely known that traditional soap bars comprise of grease or fat which in turn fuses with water minerals to form soap scum which stains the fittings of a bath and eventually clogs your pipe. A solution would be to begin using washed that are free of soap while pressure cleaning your drain. 


Most people believe that drains and pipes basically have the function of washing anything. If your goal is to remove excess dirt from your body or from your clothes, it could lead to the buildup of dirt in your drains thereby causing your drains to get blocked.


Do not make the mistake of allowing food waste to be washed down your drain. Best way to eliminate food waste is to make use of a composting pile. This mostly applies to waste such as leaves of tea or grounds of coffee. Greasy and oily food should be handled with care as they can go into your pipes and become solid thereby leading to a blockage. 


The buildup of minerals that get dissolved in water could lead to the formation of insoluble masses which eventually cause drain blockage. A water softener can be installed in your house for those who experience hard water problems. Another option is to regularly carry out descaling activities in order to eliminate sediment or residue that has built up. A professional will be needed to take out mineral build-up since they are usually tough to eliminate. 

Why You Should Deal With Blocked Drains Asap

Blocked drains are very common, and this is the reason that the experts always pay a lot of homes regular visits to carry out drain fixes. Keep in mind that different areas in your house can experience drain and pipe blockages in different ways. However, a similarity between all these types of blockages is that leaving them for quite a long time unattended can lead to even more severe problems. If you are experiencing water backing up and have noticed that the drains in your house are very slow, what you need to do is to immediately reach out to an expert.

Avoid Doing a DIY

Of course, reaching out to a professional drain cleaning service can be difficult for a lot of persons and a lot of homeowners prefer to get the job done by themselves in order to cut down on the costs. The right step, however, is to allow the professionals to immediately take a look at the situation since you lack the proper training that is needed to fix blocked drains. Ensure that you get your blocked drains checked by a knowledgeable expert so that you can rest assured that your dream problem to be fixed once and for all. 

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