NADC announces Environmental and Waste Committee

The National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC) has announced the formation of a committee to represent the sector of the industry that operates in environmental and waste management activities such as tankering, vacuuming, sweeping and waste disposal. The Committee will be responsible for formulating NADC policy for sign off by the NADC Board. It will also be responsible for establishing the appropriate standards for this sector for DrainSafe, the new quality and approved contractor scheme for the drainage industry.

NADC Chairman, Peter Stacey said: ‘the environmental and waste management sector of our industry is extremely important. Poor, often illegal, practice by irresponsible contractors damages the environment and public health, and negatively impacts on the reputation of the industry. NADC is determined that it will play a full and impactful part on eradicating the illegal and irresponsible elements in the industry.

Julian Wynn, Water and Drainage Management Director at FM Conway, has been appointed as Chairman of the new Committee and comments ‘responsible contractors have long been frustrated by the damaging actions of a minority of operators that cut corners and act illegally in areas such as waste disposal and water hydrant use. I am delighted to be leading the new NADC committee that has responsibility for addressing this problem’

The new committee is already focusing on a wide range of issues that include the provisions of the Waste Management Act, standardisation of hydrants and effective control mechanisms for their use, improving the commercial positioning of treatment plants, and addressing illegal waste tipping.

Founder members of the Committee include representatives from Flowline, Sweeptech, Lanes Group, Wales Environmental, McAllister Group, DAMM Environmental, Convert Water and TIP Europe as well as FM Conway.

The new quality and approved contractors scheme DrainSafe is scheduled to be launched in the third quarter of 2019.

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